Private practice advantage+

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Get a Custom Marketing Plan that will beat your Competition.

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Private practice advantage+

Imagine if You Knew Everything You Needed To Grow Faster Than Your Competition

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  • Who are ALL your competitors in a 5-mile radius? 10-mile?

  • How many reviews do they have?

  • What is their rating on Google?

  • How many reviews do they have?

  • What social media are they on?


  • What ads are they running?

  • How much traffic are they getting?

  • How are they getting that traffic?

  • Are they listed on local business listing platforms? Which ones?

  • What web technologies do they use?

  • What analytics tools do they use?


  • What search terms are people using to find your specialty around them?

  • What is the volume of those terms?

  • Do you show up when people search?

  • Who shows up at the top?

  • Who is running ads for those terms?

  • What SEO keywords can you target?

  • What keyword searches are competitors getting traffic from?


  • How many people can you reach within a 10-mile radius? 20?

  • How many men vs women?

  • How many are interested in X?

  • How many are X years old?

  • How many are higher-income?

  • What would it cost to reach them?

  • What are they searching for?


  • How many patient visits do practices of your specialty get?

  • Is this specialty growing?

  • How much revenue per physician does my specialty have?

  • What market drivers exist?

  • What market restraints exist?


  • What is the biggest marketing opportunity for your practice?

  • What are you doing that's not driving results?

  • What can you do that you're not?

  • Should you be running ads?

  • Does you website need to change?

The team behind top doctors of america presents Private practice advantage+:

Custom Strategy Report Tailored to Your Area, Target Market, and Competition

Learn everything you need to know about what marketing will work in your local area, based on an in-depth analysis of your local market, competition, and medical specialty.

  • How to increase traffic to your site without running ads

  • Everything your competition is doing with ads, SEO, social media, and even web tools

  • Simple steps you could execute to get a 140% increase in website traffic and new patient leads

  • Exactly how many of your ideal patients are around you, and how to reach them

MOVE FROM UNCERTAINTY TO CONFIdence about your practice's growth

After This Report, Your Practice Will Grow Faster

Before Your Custom Report:

  • Not sure what competitors are doing

  • Lack of clarity on marketing direction

  • Lack of transparency into ROI

  • No defined growth plan

  • No industry data to compare to

After Your Custom Report:

  • Know how competitors market

  • Get a clear marketing strategy

  • See where you're getting leads from

  • A simple plan for practice growth

  • Benchmarks for your specialty

"I don't know how you did it, but this is awesome"

- Elijah May

"Exactly what I needed to give to my marketing VP"

- Zaki Anwar

"You just saved me weeks of having to learn more about marketing!"

- Austin Larson

Private practice advantage+

Custom Marketing Plan For Your Private Practice

A report and in-depth marketing analysis of your private practice and it's competitors.

Here's what you get:

  • In-depth analysis of your competition

  • Breakdown of your target market

  • Industry benchmark data

  • Custom marketing plan

$2997 one-time

$1497 one-time

List of Your Every Single Competitor

Get a list of every single competing practice around you, along with their reviews, digital presence overview, and ratings.

Insights into Your Local Target Market

Whoever you want to attract to your practice, get a breakdown of how many are around you and the cost of reaching them.

Peak Under Your Top Competitors' Hoods

Find out what digital ads they're running, where they're getting traffic from, and what SEO strategies they're running.

How People Find You Online

See what searches your local market does to find specialities like yours, and how much of that traffic you're getting.

Practice Benchmarks for your Specialty

From average weekly visits to average revenue per physician, get industry benchmark data for other practices in your specialty.

How to Get More Patient Leads

See the biggest opportunity you have to get more patients, whether it's SEO, social media ads, or digital content.

30-Day 100% Money-back Guarantee

This Plan is Ready to Execute From Day 1.

This isn't meant to be a "one-and-done" strategy report that you get value from only once.

You can use this strategy report and give it to your managing team, forward to your marketing agency to execute, or even talk to us about running for you,

This Strategy Report can be used to inform and shape your marketing for the next 6-24 months, and drive massive increases in website traffic and new patient leads.


If You're In The Following, This Is Right For You:

Pain management



physical therapy



primary care

family medicine

internal MEDICINE





Letter from the Founder

Hi! I'm Moby.

After more than a decade in VC-backed startups and Fortune50, running teams across the world in operations, marketing, and growth, I started Fireshow Media to help entrepreneurs in the medical space with their private practices.

This Strategy Report is the best piece of content me and my team have ever made, and that's after 340+ interviews with entrepreneurs, 3000+ videos, and countless marketing plans.

Here's what my marketing knowledge has allowed me to do:

  • Worked with US State Department to train Small Businesses

  • Helped small businesses win pitch competitions

  • Emceed some of the biggest podcast festivals in the world

  • Spoken at Austin Startup Week,3 Day Startup, and more

  • Won Austin's 50 on Fire award

you're not going to be alone

Join Doctors Around The United States Who Got Custom Reports

From Chicago to Ohio to Texas, Doctors around the US have received their custom Strategy Reports and used it to improve their marketing, get a clear marketing direction, and grow their practice.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days from getting your custom report to request 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

What technologies do you use for research?

We pull data from Google Maps API, PhantomBuster, Meta Ad Library, SEMRush, UberSuggest, Meta Audience Manager, BuiltWith, and AI-powered tools

How custom is this really?

Extremely :) Each report is custom to your practice, location, competition, speciality and digital presence.

How soon do I get this report?

After your order, you can choose a time to book a short informational interview, after which you'll get your report in 7 days.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

After receiving your report, if you're not satisfied, you can request a money-back guarantee in the next 30 days.

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